Here’re our top five bubble tea spots, have you tried them all?

Being a bubble tea drinker myself, I still remember seeing the first bubble tea speciality shop on queen street and bursting into excitement, thinking, finally, give mama some sugar!

Originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea contains milk, tea, sugar and chewy tapioca balls. Nowadays, bubble tea shops have progressed significantly to specialise in different flavours and toppings to suit anyone’s tastebuds. It can be overwhelming, but fear no more! Here’s a list of places for someone new to bubble tea who wants to give it a go or those simply looking to try something different.

Gong Cha

Image sourced: @gongchanz

Gong Cha is a guaranteed safe spot to try that “endorphin-releasing” drink if you are new to bubble tea. With constant new limited creations and available in multiple locations, Gong Cha is super accessible and easy. They have a detailed menu so you can choose your perfect drink along with recommended best sellers if you are not sure what to get. If you love toppings in your milk tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J will satisfy your cravings with three different toppings in one go. And if you like the taste of milk tea but looking for a caffeine-free alternative, try Fresh Milk with Wintermelon. It tastes just like milk tea! Without the tea, of course.

Tea Talk

Image Sourced: @teatalk_dominion

Not sure what toppings go with what? Tea Talk, also in multiple locations, is your one-stop shop mixing the best ingredients to elevate any drink. All their drinks already come with toppings, so all you need is to decide the sugar and ice level. They are incredibly generous with their toppings, so if you are looking for a meal in a cup, give their Treasure Tea series a go.

Wu Cha

Image Sourced: @WuChaNZ

Wu Cha is well known for their fruit teas to the point they dedicated a whole page of menu just for fruit-related drinks. They’ve attentively marked their best sellers in thumb ups, so fresh fruit lovers, don’t miss out on this one!

Creamomo Tea House

Image Sourced: @creamomonz

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Creamomo popped onto my radar. I was hunting for their mochi drinks; yes, they put freakin rice mochi as a topping. Not only do they put a lot of thought into their drink creativity, they’ve also tackled different cup/bottle designs to guarantee that Instagramable shot every time. And come on, who can resist a cute panda?

Ting Tea

Image Sourced: @tingteanz

Ting Tea is also a great choice to get you slurping on some delicious bubble tea. What makes them stand out from the others is their speciality in tea macchiato. If you are not sure what to get from Ting Tea, our recommendations are Peach Oolong Latte and Roast Milk Tea.

Bonus: Hey I Am Yogost

Image Sourced: @yogostnz

Not your ordinary bubble tea, actually no tea at all. Each drink is filled with different flavours of yoghurt with, of course, your choice of toppings. This could be a more healthier alternative. Their menu consists of rich yoghurts, fresh fruit yoghurts and yoghurt probiotics. Fancy a sip? We give our thumbs up to the Strawberry Lemon Drop and Purple Rice Yogurt.