Nut Brothers is local, really local. So local, it’s small-batch roasted in Auckland.

It is that local roasting which Nut Brothers believe delivers a fresh and flavourful nut butter every time.

Nut Brothers believe, that just like espresso coffee, you can really taste the difference in the freshness when peanuts are roasted and milled the same day, right here locally in New Zealand.

Being local to Nut Brothers means there is a Kiwi on the end of the scoop, loading peanuts into a roaster, listening to the peanuts crack, smelling the aroma of the roast and watching the roast closely until it’s perfectly ready for grinding.

Nut Brothers also believe that their everyday price offers New Zealanders the best price for branded premium Peanut Butter in the country.

So, if you really want to #supportlocal, choose Nut Brothers- with their range of natural flavours, like their five-star health rated Salted Caramel Peanut Butter or their 65 percent Cacao Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Ask for them at your local supermarket or order yours online at For more information email