Japanese Fruit Flower Sandwich

Home cooking is back and looks like it’s going to stay for a while. We are looking at changing things up making ordinary food fun and Japan seems to always be the master of that! From different decorations for bento boxes to wagashi (a Japanese style dessert). Each is carefully designed in detail and full of visual impact. If we dig into their food habit deeper, there is a trace of European influence reflecting on some of the delicious creations they make. As the title of this article have brought you here, yes, we are switching up our normal boring sandwiches today into fruit flower sandwiches.

Thanks to the team at Tastmade Japan, we can follow the video to make these scrumptious looking sandwiches in a few simple steps!

Ingredients (Makes 6 sandwiches, 12 when cutting in half):

  • Bread – 12 slices
  • Some glad wrap

Ingredients for cream (6 servings):

  • Fresh Cream – 200ml
  • Marscapon Cheese – 200g
  • Granulated Sugar – 30g

Fruits (used in the video or  can be any fruits you have at home ):

  • Strawberry
  • Mandarine
  • Kiwi (green and yellow)
  • Mango
  • Seedless grape (green and purple)
  • Banana


1. Cream:

  • Add in your fresh cream and granulated sugar into a bowl and mix for 6 minutes or until a peak forms.
  • Add in the Marscapon cheese and mix for another 7 minutes or until a peak forms.
  • Set cream filling aside to use later.

2. Fruit Cutting:

  • Mandarine – peel the skin off and leave as it is.
  • Yellow Kiwi Fruit – cut into slices, overlapping each slice, and apply the cream on top. Carefully roll them up.

  • Banana – cut into a flower shape.
  • Strawberry – cut into a tulip shape.
  • Manga – cut into a flower shape.
  • Red Grapes – Leave as it is.
  • Green Kiwi Fruit – Slice to resemble the stem of a flower.
  • Green Grape – Cut in half to resemble the leaf of a flower.


Grab a piece of glad wrap and place it on top of your working space. Place the slice of bread on the glad wrap and spread a generous amount of cream on the slice of bread then put the fruits on the top, and cover it up with more cream.



Cover the sandwich up with glad wrap and refrigerate for 20 minutes.


To finish off, cut the sandwich diagonally.

And there you have it! Japanese Fruit Flower Sandwich, with level 2 approaching, we’d get a chance to impress our friends and family with these amazing looking sandwiches!



Video Source: Youtube – テイストメイド ジャパン