How To Get The Perfect Air Fryer Crunch

It’s no secret that Kiwis have fallen in love with air fryers. Now over 44% of NZ households own one! This kitchen appliance took the world by storm due to its super quick, convenient and easy way to cook faster, and with no preheating required.

Maggi has just launched their brand new Air Fryer Seasoned Coating Range to help Kiwis get the best out of their beloved air fryers. They have launched four brand new seasoned coatings that are a blend of natural herbs and spices. The four flavours include Crunchy Southern Style, Crispy Japanese Style, Herbed French Style Roast, and Crunchy Three Cheese and Garlic. 

This new Maggi range will help New Zealanders conveniently cook exciting dishes themselves at home and will add that all-important flavour and crunch to each meal, elevating dishes from good to great. 

If you’re stuck for inspiration here are some recommended pairings for each flavour. The Crunchy Southern Style seasoning has paprika and garlic notes that work great with chicken or grilled corn. The Herbed French Style Roast features a rosemary, garlic and thyme flavour, tasting great on potato wedges, lamb or chicken, while the Crispy Japanese Style with soy, ginger and garlic is delicious with green vegetables and pork. Finally, the Crunchy Three Cheese and Garlic coating boast cheddar and basil flavours to transform fish.

Nestlé Head of Marketing in New Zealand, Fern Castellanos said, We encourage Kiwis to try the new Maggi range, exploring the endless possibilities of cooking at home with the air fryer. It’ll be sure to jazz up the weekly mealtime repertoire.”

Impress your friends and family and take your air frying to the next level with this new delicious range!