How to grow potatoes in just 12 weeks.

Since the end of last year I have been gardening my little heart out and I had always wanted to grow my own food – especially potatoes. So around early July I planted my first batch of potato seedlings which I called Tater Swift.

I googled everywhere and it seemed like everyone used a big rubbish bucket or a big green plastic sack thing. I didn’t use one of these and this is why you should either…

I went into my local Mitre 10 Mega and found a compost wood set, that you could put together like Lego. It was simple enough and I could keep adding pieces to make it taller which is IDEAL for growing potatoes. One of my friends in high school grew them in tires and he got up to eight tires high. You want to be able to grow height as the potatoes only grow in the roots and you can just add more soil and mold it around each plant as it grows.

At this point I was looking to hurry these babies along. I was hungry and excited. So I made another trip to my local Mitre 10 Mega. Using Tui’s Potato Food in the soil loosely gave my babies some much-deserved love and boy – did they grow.

Three months in and my babies looked ready to go. Pull out one plant preferably in the corner and dig until you find a potato. Happy with that size? I sure was, so I continued to pull out all the plants and dig around for my taters.FullSizeRender(1) IMG_4203