How to utilise summer fruits in your ice cream

With such an incredible range of fruits on our shelves this summer, it would be a shame not to enjoy them as must as possible. One of the best ways to enjoy these juicy treats is as a part of an indulgent dessert alongside a bowl of tasty ice-cream. Here are some of our favourite ideas for incorporating summer fruits into your ice-cream binge, because then it’s healthy right?

Sour Cherry and Lavender

What a combination! Cherries are a very indulgent summer fruit as they often come with a hefty price tag, but trust us, they are well worth the extra expense.

This combination is delightfully sweet with subtle floral tones, creating a decadent and fanciful dessert which is sure to impress any house guest.

Some people find cherries a bit too strong in flavour, but by freezing them in combination with lavender and lime juice, the taste is dulled slightly, making a much more palatable dessert.

Lemon, Ginger and Blackberry

Of all the delightful summer berries, the blackberry often gets ignored in favour of some of the more common varieties. But don’t let this fool you, this summer fruit is just as sweet and flavourful as any other berry on the market.

This combination may make some tilt their heads, but the subtle spices and tartness provided by the lemon and ginger helps to even out the sweetness of the blackberry for an utterly unforgettable dessert experience.

Peach Vanilla

The classic kiwi dessert of canned peaches and vanilla ice-cream has been given a new breath of life.

When creating your creamy vanilla mixture chuck in a few peach slices and some sugar to give the dessert a subtle infusion of summer. Of course, you can pair the final concoction with some fresh peaches as well, but why not double your peachiness by including them in all the stages of your desserts construction!

The Ultimate Summer Fruit Mix

The best part about summer fruits is that they all go so well together. So when you’re mixing up a fresh batch of ice cream and considering which fruits to include, why not add them all!

Just like making a fruit salad, any combination of fruits is a good combination. From bananas and rockmelon to a mixture of all the different berries and you could even throw in some peaches and plums.

Make sure to pair your eclectic mixture with a more subtle ice-cream like vanilla or coconut so the fruity flavours can really sing.