Introducing Dunch, Lunch And Dinner

According to new research by Sealord, over two-thirds of New Zealanders find it more challenging to buy the food they need for their budget. At the same time, similar proportions claim to be switching to cheaper ingredients more often or using cheaper ingredients to stretch the meals they make.

With increasing costs in many areas of life, Kiwis want to reduce spending wherever possible. It seems convenience comes at a cost, with over half New Zealanders spending less on meal kits (58 percent) and pre-prepared meals (51 percent). There are also fewer fresh food items in shopping trolleys across the country, with New Zealanders also spending less on fresh fish (50 percent), fresh meat (37 percent), and fresh vegetables (37 percent).

The survey of 1,000 New Zealanders by Sapien in March showed that while people want to save, a massive 85 percent of Kiwis still want to eat healthily, and many (72 percent) plan to eat more innovative by making meals that provide leftovers for another day.

Understanding that a desire for healthy, nutritious, and budget-conscious meals is high on Kiwis’ list of priorities, Sealord has introduced Dunch, an amalgamation of dinner and lunch, using its great value in frozen and canned products to help Kiwis eat better at every meal without breaking the budget.

Dunch is about creativity by combining core ingredients from an evening meal with an easy grab-and-go can or pouch from Sealord’s tuna range. Dunch seamlessly transitions from dinner to lunch without the meal repeats and lacklustre lunch boxes.

“Eating healthily shouldn’t come at such a high cost for New Zealanders, which is why, at Sealord, we’re passionate about providing options that are both nutritious and affordable,” said Melissa Butler, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Sealord.

“With Dunch, it’s all about taking the leftover roast veg or salad from last night’s dinner and adding one of our much-loved Sealord products to change things up without missing out on the all-important protein element. We hope New Zealand gets behind the concept of Dunch.”