Irresistible Crunch, Corn Thins Minis Are Here!

I’m sure we are all familiar with CORN THINS crispbreads – they are crispy, tasty, healthy and definitely guilt-free. 

We also know that things get that much better when they’re bite-sized since it’s just so much easier for school lunches and to grab on the go. So we are excited to share that CORN THINS has launched a snack version called CORN THINS Minis! 

They are the next generation of great tasting. Like CORN THINS crispbreads, CORN THINS Minis are made ‘simply’ by popping grains of corn. However, these pressure-popped new snacks are lighter and crispier, packed into perfect bite-sized pieces, and bursting with popcorn flavour. They’re great just as they are – or with your favourite dip. 

Available in three delicious flavours – Original, Sour Cream & Chives, and Cheddar Cheese. You can buy these goodies from the biscuit aisle at all major supermarkets nationwide now!