Julie Andrews needed therapy after Mary Poppins

Dame Julie Andrews has recently revealed that she needed therapy following the success of Mary Poppins.

The 84-year-old explained she locked away her best actress Oscar that she won for her portrayal of the character as she didn’t feel she deserved it.

“l kept the Oscar in the attic for a very long time because I thought I’d been given it as a ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ and I didn’t feel worthy of it,” she said.

“So much early success sent me into therapy and analysis. I learnt you have to do it right and honour the films you are making. It’s a huge gift, but a lot of obligation.”

The actress also explained that her second marriage to movie director Blake Edwards helped her through her career.

“I married soon after arriving in Hollywood and it protected me from ever getting into that predicament,” she said.

Andrews began singing when she was nine. Her combination of singing and acting soon led to starring roles in the West End and resulted in Andrews as the breadwinner of the family.