July 2023 Book Releases

Attention book lovers! Check out the latest releases for July 2023…

Magnolia Table Vol.3 by Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines, cofounder of Magnolia, cook and host of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, and New York Times bestselling author, brings us her third cookbook filled with reimagined versions of her timeless and nostalgic recipes.  

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women by Lisa See

Tan Yunxian’s grandmother taught her the pillars of Chinese medicine. However, after being set up in an arranged marriage, Yunxian is forbidden from practising medicine and is forced to act like a proper wife; embroider bound-foot slippers, pluck instruments, recite poetry, give birth to sons, and stay forever within the walls of the family compound, the Garden of Fragrant Delights. Lady Tan’s Circle of Women is a captivating story of a remarkable woman in the Ming dynasty whose remedies are still used today. 

Killer Traitor Spy by Tim Ayliffe

Someone wants Russian millionaire Dmitry Lebedev dead, and when Scarlett Merriman, a sex worker, is poisoned in his hotel room, he contacts his former CIA case officer, Ronnie Johnson, offering an expose on the Australian government in return for protection. From Canberra to Moscow to Beijing, Killer Traitor Spy uncovers the new lines of espionage in the twenty-first century. 

The Other Side of Mrs Wood by Lucy Barker

Mrs Violet Wood is London’s premier medium, and her unique abilities have earned her a reputation among London’s elite. When one newspaper decides to expose fake mediums, Mrs Wood learns her finances are in crisis, she must raise her profile to secure her career by accepting Miss Bird, a sweet young girl, as her apprentice, but will she be Mrs Wood’s salvation or her downfall?

Sing Your Name Out Loud by Jason Derulo

Sing Your Name Out Loud is the story of songwriter and recording artist Jason Derulo. He shares his 15 rules for success in any pursuit, like working hardest at what comes easiest, taking calculated risks, sticking to a routine, and respecting the numbers. With this book, he invites everyone to start on their path to greatness.