Get In Loser, We’re Going Book Shopping | July Book Haul

The Art of Winning by Dan Carter

In this book, All Black legend Dan Carter talks about his two-decade-long journey through leadership, strength and resilience to inspire and help master the art of winning. The Art of Winning provides ten timeless lessons for readers in any walk of life.

Bite Back by Genevieve Mora

Genevieve Mora’s early teenage years were the hardest of her life as she spent a lot of time in hospitals and clinics due to her struggle with anorexia and poor mental health. In her book Bite Back, she shares personal insights, FAQs, practical tips and advice, making the book a guide to navigating eating disorders for those experiencing them and their loved ones.

What About Men? By Caitlin Moran

After eleven years of writing bestsellers about women, Caitlin Moran realised that the problems of feminism are also the problems of men. In this book, Moran intends to answer the question that most feminists are asked to answer, ‘What About Men?’ with her exploration of masculinity and male ally-ship.

Ink Blood Sister Scribe by Emma Torzs

Two estranged half-sisters, Joanna and Esther, guard their family’s library of magical books as they unravel a deadly secret at the heart of their collection. For lovers of Ninth House, The Magicians, and Practical Magic, this spellbinding suspense draws readers into a world of mystery, magic, romance, and intrigue with the debut of Emma Torzs.

Little Monsters by Adrienne Brodeur

Set in the summer of 2016, Little Monsters draws on the biblical tale of Cain and Abel. The book follows the lives of Ken and Abby Gardner, raised on Cape Cod by their bipolar oceanographer father, Adam, after their mother’s death. As Adam grows more attuned to the frequencies of the deep sea and less to the people around him, Ken and Abby each plan the elaborate gifts they will present to their father on his 70th birthday.