Kids Can Now Experience Running a Hotel

No, it’s not a solution to the global hospitality labour shortage, but for those staying in Singapore’s family-friendly Village Hotel Sentosa, don’t be surprised if you come across young guests performing tasks usually reserved for grown-up staff.

The Village’s “Mini Hotelier” is an entertaining, educational program for children designed to introduce them to aspects of behind-the-scenes hotel life and its associated tasks.

Young guests can choose from such in-house roles as housekeeper, chef, and gardener. Mini-chefs get to decorate their own cupcakes and biscuits while learning about different kitchen equipment used for cooking and baking and the varied ingredients used in their creations.

Mini-gardeners in a country renowned for its abundant tropical plant life, including on lush Sentosa Island, can take a multi-sensory tour of the hotel’s edible garden, where they can touch, smell, and taste a variety of edible plants.

Meanwhile, mini-housekeepers learn basic life skills such as how to change a bed sheet, how to fold a shirt and more in the skilled hotel manner, all within the confines of a hotel dominated by an eye-popping swimming pool deck with a series of child-friendly themed pools.