Acclaimed Palestinian author, journalist and international chef Laila El-Haddad will conduct a series of speaking engagements and cooking demonstrations throughout Australia in early April. The tour will see her promote the second edition of The Gaza Kitchen, her political history of Gazan and Palestinian cuisine.

El-Haddad tracked down century-old recipes and showcased them to the world through dramatic stories and innovations that have unfolded under the Israeli occupation.

“Often the only way to explore the true history of Gaza is through its food,” she said. “Gaza is a really interesting place to encounter the cuisine of a much broader Palestinian area and the histories of villages that were completely wiped off the map. Often, the only way to be able to explore history, to live this history, is through the food you find in Gaza.

El-Haddad will be Australia between April 5 – 16, with events in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.