Learn How to Change Your Dogs Behaviour – Naturally

HarperCollins’ latest release, Big Dog, Small Dog by Selina McIntyre, is a guide not just on training dogs but also training you.

Dog behaviour expert Selina McIntyre uses natural and simple methods to help humans communicate better with their canine friends and to understand how dogs deal with things like fear, change and anxiety. Big Dog Small Dog contains natural methods and practical advice on how to understand your dog’s world: what they need from their daily walks, how they feel about children, and the truth about dog parks.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, and the more we prepare for this life-changing decision, the more empowered we will be. With the right signals, you will be able to understand and speak your dog’s language, helping you cement the foundations of long and happy companionship.

“We’re people who help dogs in a very holistic way. We look at the environment, the people and other animals that dogs are interacting with, as well as any particular circumstances they are facing in their home. By doing this, we are able to get to the root cause of any issues they might be experiencing. We also work as teachers, mentors and support for our clients while they’re working on modifying their dogs’ behaviour,” said Selina McIntyre.

Major subjects of the text include:

  • Dogs are body language masters
  • The outside world
  • Leadership, status and rank
  • Fear and anxiety
  • The effects of change
  • Raising a baby with a dog

McIntyre has run a dog behavioural consultancy and training business called Dogs Best Friend, based in the Waikato region, NZ, since 2004. Her study of animal behaviour began as a teenager, working with lion cubs at a wildlife park and digging deeper into family dog Patch’s behaviour. She has a Bachelor of Applied Animal Technology, specialising in canine behaviour. She strives to bring long-term happiness to every dog through practical, positive and natural behavioural modifications.