Happily Ever After – Stardew Edition

Stardew Valley allows you to marry 12 different characters. We’ve ranked them worst to best so you can see who would make the best spouse


12/12 Shane

Shane is a bit mixed. His heart events evolve into a lovely character arc, as the player character helps him confront his alcoholism and take charge of his own life.

However, Shane doesn’t really progress after marriage. His room is always messy, and his depression gets him down a lot. Whilst he’s not a bad guy, some of Shane’s heart events are quite heavy, so this character is not really Prince Charming.

11/12 Haley

Finding reason to enjoy this character’s company enough to court her is —.

Haley starts off rude, self-absorbed, and judgmental – due to her wealthy and popular upbringing. She isn’t entirely without heart, but players need to delve deep to find it.

10/12 Alex

Beneath the hard – and chiselled – exterior, Alex is actually quite sweet, and has a sympathetic backstory before he moved to the Valley.

However, Alex’s personality doesn’t expand beyond exercise, which may be dull for some players.

9/12 Sam

Sam’s the cool kid. Whether he’s jamming with his band, practising on his skateboard or chilling with his Game Boy, he’s always doing something cool.

However, he’s also a bit of an airhead and still lives with his mother. Jodi spoils him, so he has no essential life skills to aid his independence.

8/12 Leah

Leah is a talented artist and sculptor, whose confidence the player can help boost. One of her heart events is a cute art show in Pelican Town.

However, no one is baggage-free, and wooing Leah involves dealing with her jealous ex.

7/12 Harvey

Harvey is friendly, supportive, and sweet. He is a doctor and urges you to take care of yourself, being the hard-working farmer you are.

The doctor thing can either be a huge yes or no for the player, but the hot-air balloon date is liable to win anyone over.

6/12 Maru

Maru is super intelligent, taking after her father. Demetrius is just a tad overprotective and causes an awkward situation when Maru leaves the room, but that can be smoothed over.

Maru is a fun companion and her heart events have a pretty cool outcome.

5/12 Sebastian

Sebastian keeps to himself mostly, spending a lot of time on his computer.

One of his heart events is the player sitting with him and Sam to play a game. It’s adorably nerdy and heartwarming.

4/12 Emily

Emily is the complete opposite of her sister, Haley. She is deeply concerned about helping people and creatures in need. She enjoys crafts and making her own clothes.

She’s also a very spiritual character. One quest involves gathering a selection of gems for her to meditate with. Her heart events are abstract, colourful and surreal experiences. The player even walks in on one of her dreams.

3/12 Elliott

Elliott is the brooding poet of the Valley. He is a handsome writer struggling to complete his novel and lives along in the shack on the beach. In his first heart event, he’ll ask the play what their favourite literature genre is, and his finished novel will reflect the player’s choice.

His heart events range from a night at the saloon to a romantic rowboat outing. After marriage, he showers the player in poetic compliments.

2/12 Abigail

Abigail is adventurous and free-spirited, with some of the best heart events out of all potential spouses. Possessing one of their quirkier and more intriguing personalities, she enjoys studying the occult and playing in the rain.

She’ll play video games with the player, venture into the mines, and plays some music occasionally. Abigail is an exciting character and her events are really fun.

1/12 Penny

Penny is introverted and bookish, sweet as pie and twice as wholesome. She’s kind, caring, loves reading, and educates young Jas and Vincent as their tutor.

Penny is always there for everyone else, and the player can be there for her too. Penny lives in a small trailer with her alcoholic mother, Pam. She is a great person and deserves better than her situation.


Stardew Valley is now available in multiplayer and board game format.