Long Weekend Thrillers

Looking for something to run a chill up your spine this long weekend? We have you covered, with two May thrillers that will be the perfect entertainment this holiday. Nothing can beat a book that gets your heart racing.

Hush Little Baby – R.H. Herron

From the author of Stolen Things comes a new tale about Jillian March.

Jillian is a survivor. She survived her toxic upbringing and alcoholism to build a successful marriage and medical career. But things are once again spiralling in her life and Jillian is not sure if she can survive again.

Her wife Rochelle has left Jillian while pregnant with her biological child, her friends seem to be turning against her and she feels like she might be turning into her own mother.

Missing items, threats and a lack of people to trust. Jillian only knows she must protect her child.

Long Weekend Thriller, Hush Little Baby

No Less The Devil – Stuart MacBride

This is the Sunday Times bestseller’s first novel with his new publisher Transworld. MacBride is ready to share new detective D.S. Lucy McVeigh with the world.

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world out hell.”

Operation Maypole is no closer to catching the Bloodsmith so distraction is the last thing Detective Sergeant Lucy McVeigh needs. Except Benedict Strachan killed a homeless man when he was 11, and after 16 years he is back on the streets begging Lucy for help.

Something is stalking Benedict, and it is starting to look like there is more than one monster on the loose for Lucy to chase.