A Deeper Connection to Food

Grow, the book from Sophie Merkens about female connections with food

Sophie Merkens is a freelance photographer, writer and foodie. After a journey around home soil in her Zephyr van, she has produced the book titled Grow.

Grow shares the stories of 37 women that find meaning and connection through food. The women vary from mothers, gardeners and chefs to hunters and hobbyists. Their stories are honest and insightful and teach readers about how food can be a central force in life.

Food is a shared language. It can be simply knowing which mushroom to pick or how to make rosewater from blooms. It can be making coffee from roasted dandelion roots or preserving olives growing on public land. Grow delves into this shared language among women.

Available today, readers are able to meet the women who make it a priority to grow, nourish, and connect.