Lorde loses beloved dog

Kiwi star Lorde said work towards her new album may be delayed following the death of her beloved dog Pearl.

The ‘Royals’ singer has been out of the spotlight recently while working on her latest album that she was planning on releasing early next year. However in an email sent out to fans, Lorde explained the tragic deather of her dog has been “indescribably painful” and may cause a delay on the album release.

The 22-year-old took Pearl into her care last year and explains the two were inseparable.

“We spent time alone together, him asleep under the piano as I played, or on the porch together,” she said.

“He was instrumental in the discovery that was taking place. I felt he led me towards the ideas.”

Lorde revealed that her dog had been ill and then died following two cardiac arrests. The singer explained in her email that with Pearl’s passing it will take time for her to recalibrate and has asked her fans for patience.

“I have lost my boy, and need some time to see the good again.”

Lorde has previously released three albums: Pure Heroine, the EP, Love Club and Melodrama.