Lyre’s Premium Christmas Gifting Options

bottle of champagne and spirits on table

Lyre’s offers premium gifting options this holiday season, including award-winning non-alcoholic drinks with the opportunity to personalise the packaging. Find exciting gifts full of flavour and sophistication at Lyre’s pop-up Christmas store and gifting station at Westfield Newmarket, or order online.

With distinct and contemporary flavours, Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits are impossibly crafted to express the essence of their alcoholic counterparts. Kiwis can enjoy the same tastes this celebratory season without guilt. Lyre’s Classico Grande 750ml Sparkling does not compromise the taste and quality, offering fresh peach and green apple on the nose and pear and red apple on the palate. This award-winning non-alcoholic alternative is fresh and lively, ideal for oneself or a loved one this Christmas.

champagne in ice bucket and glass

“A glass of bubbles is arguably the most iconic festive drink,” said Lyre’s Chief Marketing Office, Paul Gloster. “Classico Grande Sparkling ensures your guests can moderate their alcohol consumption without compromising on taste or flavour. Lyre’s ensures those looking to be more mindful of their drinking during the season’s many social occasions are well looked after.”

The Ready-to-Drink 200ml Cocktail Giftpack includes cocktail mixes everyone can enjoy with zero alcohol, including Negroni, Old Fashioned, and Margarita.

Pre-mixed spirit bottles

“Silly season can involve plenty of social gatherings, but with Lyre’s, you can easily moderate your alcohol intake – and as a bonus, they make an ideal thank you gift for the host or Christmas gift for family and friends.”

Lyre’s also offers kiwis the opportunity to add a bespoke twist to their gifts. At Auckland’s Westfield Newmarket, a pop-up, onsite calligrapher gives customers the option to add a personalised message to their Classico Grande Sparkling gift boxes.

Person writing on champagne box