Made in the Office helps you reclaim your workday lunch (as well as breakfast and snacks) by showing you how to make simple and healthy meals in your office kitchen – all with just a kettle, microwave and toaster.

The book shows you that you don’t need to have a fully equipped kitchen to knock up avocado and poached eggs on toast (you can poach eggs in the microwave!); and you don’t need chef training to make pesto courgette pasta. And you don’t need to think ahead the night before, either. You can make 70 quick, simple and healthy dishes in your lunch break.

Rachel Maylor works as a fulltime architect and has a passion for good food. She would go out and buy breakfast and lunch everyday until she realised it was turning what should be an enjoyable break into a bleak one. She is now the envy of the office whipping up marvellous meals with just a few ingredients and basic equipment.