MAFS S10 E20 | “I Wasn’t Even There, I Was Walking With Duncan.”

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Episode Twenty: Summer Lovin’ Over So Fast 

After a week of shocking revelations that a 42-year-old man can conduct himself with such selective emotional depth, Dan showed wilful ignorance, belittling and dismissing his partner’s feelings after his poor behaviour. 

Rupert’s infamous butt dial that gave Evelyn the ammunition to hold grooms Dan and Hugo accountable for slandering came to an unsurprisingly explosive confrontation between Dan and Evelyn at the dinner party. 

We begin the episode with Evelyn testing her partner, asking him if he would back her should it come to, and he confirmed he would. Later, the bumbling beet-red groom confessed to the cameras that while the other grooms would have nothing to worry about if they had never said anything wrong about their partners, he felt silly and like a ‘narc’ for the accidental butt dial. 

While other couples’ relationships could only be described as train wrecks, there has been some healing for others. Notably, Jesse and Claire entered the dinner party together and could not help but flirt at every chance they could, giggling like school kids. It was undeniably cute. 

As soon as the couples arrived, Evelyn pulled the wives aside to share her insider info. The shock of other brides was palpable, but whether or not a ‘boys’ night’ dissolving into a misogynistic chat of comparing current partners to their ‘hotter’ exes deserved such a surprise is questionable. 

Hugo was the first to come under fire, mainly as Dan arrived fashionably late. As every couple sat gathered on couches, Evelyn revealed the butt dial to the whole group and allowed Hugo to tell his wife directly what he had said about her—cue panic. 

This viewer found that both grooms confronted did their utmost to have Evelyn expose what she heard rather than getting on the front foot and revealing what they said. Indicating that perhaps more was said than what Evelyn heard, or they were trying to dissect what kind of damage control they had to utilise—food for thought. 

You said you couldn’t stand her and that you would rather have any other wife,

“You said you couldn’t stand her and that you would rather have any other wife,” shared Evelyn of Hugo’s choice words. 

However, the worst was yet to come when she revealed she heard him call his new bride a very colourful c-word. This revelation was met with several scrunched faces. Tayla took the opportunity to get back at her husband, including forbidding him to reply or speak and stating his words were a direct result of their sleeping arrangements. 

Then Dan arrived. At the dinner table, Dan came out stating he hated drama and wanted to understand what was happening, and then Evelyn allowed Dan to own what he said as she had heard his words through the butt-dial. The awkwardness was agonising to watch. 

Defensive Dan came out swinging, claiming everything from Evelyn fabricating the entire thing to pulling in the very uncomfortable Duncan for an alibi, stating he was not at the drinks when the butt-dial occurred. 

“I wasn’t even there. I was walking with Duncan,” cried Dan. 

When it became clear that he had compared Sandy to his exes and shamed her, he twisted the story again, asking for validation from the other grooms that there was never a comparative aspect. Finally, he acted as though there was nothing wrong with the act, angrily shutting Sandy down for even daring to be upset. 

“Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to me to show your exes?” Asked Sandy. 

“No,” said Duncan with a shrug. 

His petulant attitude was unbearable to watch. He then privately spoke with Evelyn, using every tool in his toolbox to make her the villain and tell her off condescendingly, as if she were responsible for his behaviour. 

Here’s to hoping the experts shred Dan a new one for the disrespectful way he spoke down to every woman at the table.