REVIEW | Scream VI

When Wes Craven died in 2015, we all thought the scream series was over. But Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (who worked together to direct the V/H/S quadrilogy) had other ideas and snapped up Scream 5. Even the movie itself says, “there’s something different”. Something was missing. Scream 5 felt different from the films before, but that’s okay. Even though you can feel that Wes isn’t there, Matt and Tyler follow in the footsteps of Craven’s legacy and the genre, slashing hilarious commentary while carrying a bloodied knife.

Scream 6 has all the same rules as the other scream movies, but this time, it’s a franchise. The violence is elevated. There are more kills, they are gorier, and the last standing legacy character (Gale Weathers, played by Courtney Cox) is being targeted to be written out- Will she survive to see the next scream?

Like all Scream movies, Ghostface only removes the mask to reveal who they are at the end. This is always how the screams are linked, and it’s always the unsuspected character, Or is it?