MAFS S10 E19 | “We’re The Strongest Couple In Here.”

Married At First Sight (MAFS): whether you know it, love it and can’t get enough of it or have absolutely no clue what it is, it is undoubtedly all anyone in the office is talking about.   

For all those too pressed for time to watch (or would rather watch anything else), this is your (somewhat) reliable source of juicy updates to keep up with all the office banter. 

For the avid MAFS viewers, if you’re here because you want to know whether or not your MAFS opinions are controversial, I hope you find solace below. 

Episode Nineteen: The Rekindling Of Love

While Dan and Sandy are notably on the rocks, one couple is taking enormous strides. Claire and Jesse spent their week on sweet dates organised by Claire, who was determined to try to work on their marriage after her betrayal. 

However, the couple making the grandest of claims were Tahnee and Ollie.

“We’re the strongest couple in here,” stated Tahnee. 

“For sure,” replied Ollie. 

Tahnee and Ollie are going so well that they have the least screen time and have probably earned the title. Their respective friends and family gushed over how sweet they were together and how well-matched they were.

“They’re just so cute,” raved Ollie’s mother. The cuteness caused her to react as much as this viewer does at sight Tik Tok’s of baby elephants having pulling tantrums.  

Claire brought Jesse to a music store where Jesse taught Claire a few chords on an electric guitar. The air between them was endearing despite the guitars needing to be tuned. No doubt, the pair will both write ‘stay’ at the next commitment ceremony. 

However, for all those suspicious about the harmony between Harrison and Bronte, the feeling was mutual for Bronte’s younger sister Kirra.

Kirra, who has harboured an opposing point of view of Harrison since the wedding, only appeared to grow more anti-Harrison the more she was caught up in the dramas between Bronte and him.

The cellphone number incident was already questionable, and when Kirra heard of it, it did not sit right with her either. Her outcry of ‘what the-’ made the red-faced Harrison shuffle in his seat. 

However, Bronte continued her narrative that he was a handsome guy and that women would be so compelled by his attractiveness that they would hit on him. Harrison then continued his narrative that he didn’t want to make the other woman uncomfortable, so he accepted her number. 

Lyndall and Cameron had the joy of meeting each other’s mothers. While Lyndall’s mother apologised for asking Cameron to hug her daughter and his wife when she was upset, Cameron’s mother antagonised the event further. 

You can’t take back words.

“You can’t take back words,” said Cameron’s mum. 

It is important to note that this all began because Cam felt that hugging his wife was unnatural when upset. If he thinks that’s unnatural, wait until he realises that couples kiss.

Later, Cameron’s mother tells Cameron that his wife asking for affection reflected that Lyndall was insecure. The digs made at Lyndall’s expensive were not very well disguised. Cameron, in his wisdom, decided to recite his mother’s words to his wife gleefully. An argument naturally ensued. 

Sandy and Dan, however, had an explosive blow-up. Dan vaguely stated that his entire day away was spent at the gym. That’s normal, right? He goes further to attack Sandy, letting her know that he would be shredded if he spent as much time at the gym as she spent on the couch. 

Given the seven hours he spends at the gym regularly, you would assume he is already shredded, but maybe this viewer is missing something. 

Then, the worst occurred. The grooms went on a boy’s night out. Rupert managed to butt-dial his wife, not once, not twice, but three times and let’s say that what Evelyn heard the grooms discussing was less tasteful. Evelyn revealed to Sandy that Dan especially had gone on a disrespectful tirade about his bride, a revelation that had Sandy wordlessly move out of her and Dan’s shared apartment. 

The dinner party is sure to provide some much sought-after drama.