Seven Deadly Sins of the Oscars Red Carpet

As the infamous Oscars red Carpet is soon to deliver its 2023 edition, we cannot forget the frocks that once caused a stir. From strange to crazy, the red carpet has seen it all. Here are our top picks ranked from tolerable to worst of the seven deadliest sins of Oscar’s red carpet history.

Faith Hill

Whilst the country music sensation has understood the assignment in recent years, her 2002 red carpet ensemble was…well, vibrant to say the least. The ‘Breathe’ singer tried to colour our world, but blinded us at the same time.


Although she is known for her unpredictable looks, and for that, we understand the absurdity, Cher did provide a particularly strange look for the 1986 awards. The black sequin and satin combination, spider web-styled crop top, cape, and wild are hard to grasp mentally. It does, however, provide an accurate description of what Big Bird would look like if he turned goth.

Lizzie Gardiner

They say that money doesn’t always buy you taste, and here is literal living proof of that. The Australian costume designer won on this night in 1995, for her work in ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.’ That being said, we can’t help but ask if American Express had sponsored her dress?

Kristen Stewart

If she wanted to look effortless, she certainly did. The American actress has had success on the red carpet in the past, but this look from 2022 was not her finest moment. Hopefully, if she returns this year, there may have been some reflection.

Uma Thurman

2004 was not a good year for Thurman, as her waistcoat looked as if it had gotten tangled in with a sheet in the washing machine. The blue sating tie didn’t help in the slightest, and overall looks like a very flamboyant pirate. 

St. Vincent

This is a very confusing outfit, and quite honestly bizarre. The swimsuit bodice was missing the skirt, or did it get caught on her arm? Symmetry isn’t always necessary, but the ratio is all over the place here. The one earring is also irritating to the eye.


Just exactly what on earth was happening here is a mystery that will most likely never be solved. The infamous swan dress from 2001 was so significant, we are still talking about it 22 years later. As they say, birds of a feather flock together, and it just so happened that this was the last time that the swan was seen in public and that Bjork attended the Oscars.

The 2023 Oscars are being held on Monday 13th March from 1:00 pm NZST, and red carpet coverage of the event from 11:30 am NZST live on TVNZ 2.