The answer to all your flat cleaning problems has finally arrived. FlatBox is a subscription box that replenishes your flat with clean living essentials to your door every month. You’ll never have to nag your flatmates about who’s turn it is to buy the dishwashing liquid again.

Splitting the cost of communal flatting items can be a hassle, not to mention expensive if left for one person to cover. But luckily Flatbox has come to the rescue. Fair, convenient and affordable, Flat Box is made up of Eco store’s multi-purpose cleaner, laundry powder, dish liquid, toilet cleaner, dishwasher powder and a couple of surprise wildcard products.

Flatbox creators, Ben & Ezzera started ‘flatting’ together in the dormitories of their boarding school where they lived with hundreds of other students and had a team of cleaners tidying up around them. As soon as the team at Flatbox became adults the real world hit and the flatmates started dodging the cleaning aisle. Refusing to live in filth and sick of having flat meetings about contributions to their share of the cleaning bill; Flatbox was born.