McNuggets: The Way to Kiwi Hearts

Lockdown was a rough, chicken-McNugget-lacking time. McDonald’s NZ knows how tough this and the rest of 2020 has been which is why they’re offering one million free Chicken McNuggets for one day only to share some love with Macca’s fans.

Chicken McNuggets are made with 100% New Zealand chicken breast raised in the Waikato region and coated in crispy tempura. Chicken McNuggets have been made by Ingham’s since 1985, and are prepared using the most modern processing equipment.

“It became clear during lockdown that Chicken McNuggets are a firm favourite, so we decided to shout Kiwis a six-pack and celebrate 35-years of love for them,” said McDonald’s Managing Director Dave Howse.

To get your hands on a six-pack of delicious Chicken McNuggets, download the McDonald’s app and redeem the digital voucher at your closest Macca’s, with no purchase required.

Some Nuggets about McNuggets:

  • Chicken McNuggets were first offered on New Zealand menus in 1985
  • Chicken McNuggets are available in four shapes – the bone, the bell, the boot and the ball
  • Rene Arend, McDonald’s first executive chef, created the Chicken McNugget recipe in 1979
  • In America, Chicken McNugget dipping sauce is available in 7 varieties, including the Sweet ‘n Sour and BBQ options available in New Zealand
  • Szechuan Sauce is McDonald’s most sought-after limited-edition dipping sauce. Released in New Zealand earlier in 2020, the sauce ran out in some restaurants within hours

The free Chicken McNuggets will be available for tomorrow only from 9:00am until they’re all eaten, so be in quick, they won’t last long.