Proudly family owned since 1970, Meadows continues to be New Zealand’s leading producer of mushrooms. Meadows is dedicated to growing great tasting and nutritious mushrooms that can be enjoyed by kiwi families all summer long.

This summer Meadows launched new summer inspired punnets filled with healthy fresh mushrooms and inspiring meal ideas. New Zealand’s mix of nationalities and cultures results in exciting international inspired dishes that adorn menus across the country. To support this theme, Meadows developed new on pack labels that provide international summer meal ideas.

Mushrooms add stunning flavour to any meal and are incredibly healthy. Packed with b-group vitamins and selenium as well as being low fat and gluten free mushrooms are perfect on the barbeque, as part of a sharing plate or when just added to a salad.

Meadows new pack labels will guide you with ways to enjoy each type of mushroom. White button mushrooms for sushi bowls, swiss brown mushrooms for tapas, the convenient sliced white mushroom for banh mi and the large Portobello for making a scrumptious burger.