My Food Bag has taken convenience a step further this year and partnered with Glengarry. The partnership gives customers the opportunity to match an array of premium local and international alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with the flavours of their My Christmas Bag feast. The offering includes the award-winning, boutique champagne J. Lassalle, currently the darling of New York restaurants, a gold-medal Sauvignon Blanc from Jules Taylor, and tipples from both established and up-and-coming vineyards and brewers.

This year my Christmas Bag offers two different options, the “Classic” which features a free-range ham and turkey or chicken, and the “Kiwi” which features New Zealand salmon and two legs of gourmet Te Mana Lamb. Glengarry have crafted beverage menus to complement each option, depending on how many people are sitting around the table. Bargain Box customers also have the option to enjoy an array of beverages, including local beers and sparkling wines, to accompany their festive feasts too. My Food Bag launched its home delivery service into New Zealand in 2013. Customers order online and receive food bags containing recipes for a week’s main dinner meals. The bags contain best in season, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced where possible.