Choice Hotels has just released new research on the wellbeing and stress levels of millennials in their study entitled “Need A Break“. The data has found that Gen Y babies are the most stressed of them all – but they have also found that this is easy to combat. Apparently, short breaks should not be underestimated as they can significantly reduce stress and improve mental health and wellbeing.

The gist of the research is that millennials have and expect everything, however this does not lead them to  contentment and happiness. Thus, the expectations of “having it all” without maintaining a proper work/life balance are leading to mental and physical burnout.

However on a more positive note, the report also reveals that millennials love to travel and are more motivated by romance than other generations. Millennials are more likely to be motivated by romance – the report states, “nearly a third of loved-up millennials (29 per cent) take breaks for romantic reasons, whereas Gen Xers have a stronger interest in nature- based getaways and baby boomers had the highest percentage in utilising sporting events for a short break.”

This research was used to create Choice Hotels’ new travel content hub and itinerary planning tool, A stay-cation holiday seems to be the best place for millennials to begin de-stressing.