Not Looking Your Best? Here Are 6 Reasons Why

We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. Being at the top of our wellness game makes us mentally and physically better. But looking our absolute best isn’t just about following a daily beauty routine and regular workouts; some bad habits can make all your efforts go down the drain.

Scroll down to see how many bad habits you have adopted and let’s stop them today!

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is, indeed, the most important meal of the day and you shouldn’t skip it! Not only will it slowly affect your health long-term, your face will also become dull, and freckles will more readily appear.

Don’t like to drink water

2 litres of water per day is the standard amount we should consume every day. Not drinking enough water can cause our skin to be rough and dry up and have unhealthy bowel movements. Drinking water also helps stave off acne and bad breath.

No sunscreen when outdoors

I’ve recently discovered how vital putting on sunscreen is – even on cloudy days! Slap on some sunscreen, around the size of a dollar, 30 minutes before you leave the house, all year round. Your face will thank you for it!

Staying up late at night

Staying up late is one of the main reasons for dark circles, and it will make you look drawn and haggard. It can also cause hair loss, weight gain, pimples, and rough and oily skin in the long term.

Love sugary foods

Who doesn’t love sugar? It’s addictive and creates happiness – mentally. But high sugar foods can lead to bad skin, affect your memory and of course, weight gain!

Crossing your legs

Do you feel more comfortable crossing your legs? That could be a sign of scoliosis! A simple crossed leg can also lead to knock knees and bow legs.