Not to be confused with the mess that is New Zealand’s own Heartbreak Island, Love Island is quickly becoming one of the most talked shows on television. What’s not to love about a tv show that puts genetically blessed males and females in a villa somewhere in Spain and has them pair up after only knowing each other for 5 minutes. Drama ensues as more (usually better looking) people are added to the mix and asked to recouple with the existing guys and gals. Leaving someone singled out which ends in them being ‘booted’ from the Island. The last couple standing wins.

Think of it as Survivor but with more fake tan and less dirt (even the grass is fake).

What makes Love Island the cultural phenomenon that it is becoming, are the hundreds of meme-worthy moments it produces. So to make your internet scrolling easier, we have collected some of our favourites:


Ahhh, Niall. Everyone’s favourite Harry Potter loving Rainbow Fish. He really hit the nail on the head when referring to local island womaniser Adam.



Show sweethearts Jack and Danny have had a reasonably smooth ride so far on the show. Coupled up from the beginning they have become the go-to pair for advice. Alex, the resident Doctor, is one of the more frequent visitors as he is just generally terrible with women.


Adam has become the resident lady’s man.


Enough said.


The true love story on Love Island will always be between Alex and Jack.


That time Alex thought he and Megan had a connection. Spoiler Alert. She recoupled with Eyal.


RIP to Jack’s boot style loafers. I’m sure that Danny saw to these being burned.


With the haircuts, the pep talks and the kissing role play; the bromance is truly real on Love Island.


People are starting to notice that the casting agents for Love Island have a particular type. Meet Olivia from season 3 and Laura from the current season.


That time Hayley asked, “What’s an Earlobe?”