Phone case protectors for the clutz in you

Two girls holding phones

If you’ve never dropped your phone, then congrats you’re a liar. No, but seriously, dropping one’s phone is a phenomenon that happens to the best and even the most careful of us. Luckily, international phone case brand, Otter has heeded our cries and launched the latest line-up in its Otterbox, Otter + Pop and LifeProof range.



The Otterbox range has been blessed with new additions of designs and heavy-duty protection divided into four series namely; Commuter, Defender, Strada and Symmetry. Each series feature a unique design with the same guaranteed phone protection.

Otter + Pop


The Otter + Pop collection, on the other hand, features the quintessential Otter case with a twist; a detachable phone pop grip designed for easy swapping when the mood calls for it.



Lastly is Otter’s LifeProof range has been updated with three new mini collections namely FLIP, NEXT and SLAM. As the name suggests, the range includes phone protective cases designed for everyday life.

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