Possibly the Worst Show Ever, But Why Can’t I Stop Watching?

My boyfriend first introduced this flaming pile of trash TV series during lockdown. “I just want to rewatch it,” he said. He flicked it on while I made dinner, it stayed on while we ate dinner. It was still on as I was going to bed. When will this show end??? I sit in for all of 10 minutes and already had enough of it. What show could I possibly be talking about? Merlin. My partner explained that this was the show that walked, so Game of Thrones could run. (Oh please, it’s no David Lynch.) Great explanation, but has no excuse for not only the atrocity that is the show. But something strange happened, the weekend came rolling around as it does and I wake up quite early naturally and my partner doesn’t. So I turned on the TV and what was recommended – Merlin, of course! I roll my eyes and click accept and open my phone to scroll. My phone is completely boring, and the show picks up with a love interest. I unexpectedly become invested in Merlin. What is happening to me? This show is a burning dumpster and I’m in awe of the flames. Every single episode has the same problems. The same dialogue. Heck, I’ve only seen one season of several and I can probably lip sync each episode without hesitation.

It’s a really really really bad show. Like seriously bad… but people love it. For some reason beyond my knowledge, I also like it. I will probably go home and continue to watch it.

Still with me? Here’s what the fuss is about:

Merlin is a tragic love story that follows the relationship between Merlin (a servant and secret magical wizard) and Prince Arthur. It is an action-packed fantasy drama following two young men and their journey to follow their destinies. In Camelot, the use of magic is forbidden, so you follow Merlin recklessly use his magic in situations where he would most definitely be spotted if it was real life. How does no one notice this crap?! Follow a strange story with no many twists or turns, but slowly progresses and pushes a plotless story uphill. It’s something to binge when you really didn’t want to watch TV, but you are so hopeless bored and you can’t find anything else. Watch it for hours, weeks, and then turn it off never having to think about it again.

Try it for yourself.