PSA: Feijoa Lumps Are HERE!!

Yes, you heard that right! The first drop of the feijoa season is set to hit shelves in Aotearoa from today in a new form – Pascall Feijoa Flavour Lumps.

Packed with the iconic flavour Kiwis have come to enjoy, the much-loved feijoa has united with the chewy goodness of Pascall Pineapple Flavour Lumps. for a Kiwi taste like no other!

“Pascall Pineapple Lumps are one of New Zealand’s most favoured treats, but we think the new limited edition Pascall Feijoa Flavour Lumps may give them a run for their money,” said Mitch Newton, of Pascall New Zealand.

“We know how much Kiwis love their feijoas, so we thought we’d offer them a new twist on their favourite sweet treat. We know feijoa season brings Kiwis together, so we’re thrilled to be releasing the first drop of the feijoa season in a brand-new form.”

“Pascall Feijoa Flavour Lumps are perfect for sharing with family and friends. They’re the ideal treat for summer roadies, barbecue get togethers or late-night movie treats. We can’t wait to hear what Kiwis think of them.”

This latest Kiwi treat is here while stocks last, so make the trip and try the limited edition Pascall Feijoa Flavour Lumps while you can!