Psychedelic Supermarket Trip

Art installation or supermarket? Buyers beware because while at first glance, Omega Mart looks like your average supermarket, as visitors delve deeper, they discover it is an astonishing and mind-bending world made from imaginations. 

If you are taking a trip to Vegas, a visit to the grocery store isn’t a sight you would think you need to see. But when the Omega Mart motto is “You have no idea what’s in store for you,” it’s hard to give it a miss. 

The immersive experience is from the creative arts company Meow Wolf and sits inside the AREA15 entertainment centre in La Vegas. 

Adult tickets to the installation cost US$49, and the US$3 Omega Card add-on allows visitors to scan and interact with different aspects of the exhibits. All the products on the supermarket shelves are also available for purchase.  

The store is spread into four themed areas and 60 unique environments thanks to collaborations with over 300 creatives. Products such as Tattoo Chicken, Vegan Goats Pus Lemonade, Whale Song Deodorant and Gut Monkeys Ginger Ale can be found on the shelves of the first area, which is the supermarket itself. The second and third areas explore the Tron-inspired parent corporation Dream Corp, and the fourth area is a psychedelic desert that maps the overall creative process.  

Omega Mart has its own origin story, parent company and website – as a fully immersive wacky FMCG experience.