mac's sour puss beer next to a blueberry cheesecake on a wooden cake stand

Cat got your tongue? The Sour Puss will. Your local pub’s favourite Mac’s Brewery has a new limited release beer: the Sour Puss (ABV 4.8 percent).

The brewers started out with a twist on the classic German sour ale – a Gose – and experimented with different fruits to see what complemented it perfectly. The winner was the blueberry, and the Sour Puss is a refreshing blueberry sour ale to keep things fruity at your next barbeque.

Sour beer was voted the “hottest cold drink of 2017” by Time Magazine, known for its influential stances on Obama and the economic crash. This makes sour beer something to take seriously.

Not content with brewing beer, Mac’s is using the Sour Puss to branch out into the baking world: blueberry cheesecake with your blueberry beer? This light, creamy cheesecake is made on a gingernut base, making it perfect for a classic Kiwi Christmas – spicy, comforting, and summery.

Mac’s has provided us with the recipe for this tang tornado below:

Cheesecake Crust

1 pack of gingernuts

1/3 cup desiccated coconut

100g unsalted, melted butter


3 lemons, juice and zest

2.5tsp gelatine powder

500g cream cheese

¾ cup caster sugar

250g crème fraiche

1 cup blueberries (fresh or thawed is fine)


To make the base, pulse gingernuts in a food processor until crushed. Add melted butter and coconut and continue to pulse until all ingredients are combined. Press into a round tin lined with baking paper (a removable base helps!). Refrigerate.

Sprinkle gelatine evenly over the juice of the lemons. Let stand for one minute, then microwave for 30 seconds. Whisk until dissolved.

To make the filling, add cream cheese and caster sugar to a food processor and blend for a minute. Add the crème fraiche, blueberries, lemon zest, and the previously made gelatine mix and blend until the blueberries have coloured the mix – only 30 seconds or so.

Pour the filling into the crust, cover, and refrigerate. It will take at least five hours to set.

Serves 10.

Cheesecake recipe created by Gretchen Lowe from @myweekendtable