Remember Reynolds in the Green Lantern? Deadpool could be his redeemer

Few movies have had such a rocky beginning as Deadpool, starring the Merc With The Mouth, Ryan Reynolds. From the awful mashup that was the X Men Origins: Wolverine, to Reynold’s attempt to breach the comic book audience through the Green Lantern. It was safe to say, expectations weren’t the greatest for Reynold’s next instalment.

Fortunately, Deadpool manages to come out with both blades spinning, and surprisingly, pulls it off.

To set the scene, Wade Wilson (Deadpool), is the chatty ex special forces recruit who through dishonourable discharge finds himself in the mercenary for hire business. Through a deservingly ‘R Rated’ exchange of pleasantries with an equally troubled prostitute, Wade finds love in the strangest of places. But tragedy strikes close to home for Wade.

Diagnosed with late-stage cancer, Wade turns to a government funded experiment that promises to not only cure his cancer but also give him powers beyond that of any ordinary man. Ajax (Ed Skrein) is the shaven, figurehead of this experiment, however when he lets slip that Wade will not be enjoying superhero status, rather a controlled super slave, Wade finds himself on the path of escape and revenge.

Following the experiment, Wade is left with accelerated healing powers, disfigured skin, an unstable mind and a dark, twisted sense of humour. With these new abilities, Wade hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Deadpool manages to capture the R rated essence of the character perfectly while combining with Marvel’s uncanny ability to bring humour to what would otherwise be a darker story. Time and time again, this had the audience laughing out loud through his clever mix of sarcasm and breaking of the fourth wall.

This character was impeccably brought together by Reynold’s well delivered, anti-hero cynicism. Almost every actor brought the audience to laughter, but the largest laughs were always saved for Deadpool.

Reynolds shows us that whilst you can sew his mouth shut (X Men Orgins: Wolverine), it would be the worst mistake you could make.


– Ben Frere at NetGuide