REVIEW | Belfast

Belfast is a beautiful film set in 1969 following a working-class family as they are torn between the familiar and the safety of their family. It’s depiction of a time of hardship is remembered fondly and deeply emotional. Following the story through the eyes of a nine-year-old, life is simple yet filled with many layers of uncertainty.

The film is based on director Kenneth Branagh’s own experience and memories. Nine-year-old Buddy’s world is turned upside down and the stability of life and his loving community is fleeting with every day that passes. Life as he knows it has changed forever, and not just for him.

Jamie Dornan is featured in this fifty shades of grey film (the movie is predominately in black and white) but unlike you have seen him before. Instead, showcasing an authentic marriage with the strains of conflict.

An incredibly impactful film for anyone with family aboard or who has immigrated overseas from their homeland.

A strong front runner for awards season coming up.