REVIEW | Black Widow Takes The Big Screen

Can you believe its been 11 years? Scarlett Johansson first appeared as Romanoff in Iron Man 2 in 2010, and has since been in seven MCU films. Thankfully, her character quickly evolved in each film over the years becoming less of a sex object for the men and became a character with a lot of depth.

While it was more than a hot minute for her to get her own solo feature film, she flipping nailed it. They did an amazing job of giving her character a great movie especially when she is a character without a future. For now. You never know with Marvel. Launching the film right into 1995, we get to see more of her upbringing or lack there of. It splits seamlessly into her current timeline. This film explores and reveals her purpose while also layering the storytelling.

This film also has a lot of females cast and kind of gives off a Marvel riff of Charlie’s Angels. Black Widow has smart plot twists and has carefully constructed this film to do her right. Watch in cinemas now or on Disney+.