Review: Eat Your Way Through This Cookbook

When Bridget Davis switched to sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free eating, her transformation was radical. In her forties, a mother, a wife, and in just four months – she lost 25 kgs. What did she do? She ate, and did zero exercise. While this may not work for everyone, one take away we had from her new book Eat Your Way Slim & Healthy, was the absolutely delicious recipes. Bridget is also a chef with over 20 years experience, she said flavour was her priority in creating this book. Prioritising fresh and healthy ingredients, you can say goodbye to mood swings, tiredness, and unhealthy weight. We’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and you should too! We have recreated a handful of her recipes so far and can’t wait to try every single one. Finally a cookbook you actually want to use!

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