“This Pavlova is all White Noise and Not Enough Ting, Have You Got a Triangle?”

What happens when a chef and a musician explore the qualities of music and food at the same time? A unique new creation that deliciously combines taste and sound in an interactive journey. The Sensonauts, in association with Boquita, present ‘A Sensory Adventure’ as part of VISA Wellington On a Plate.

Award-winning musician Rosie Langabeer and highly talented chef Anastasha Sarlis are collaborating on an inventive menu of delights for this intimate and unusual event, where they craft certain qualities with each mini-course.

As each item of food tickles the taste buds, the audience will hear a matching piece of music designed to tease out the utmost sensory aliveness. The menu might start with something that’s light, fresh and zingy. Later on, perhaps a concoction that is rounded, earthy and dark. Then maybe a piece that’s honeyed and melting…

“It’s really exciting to explore the synaesthetic crossover between food and sound sensations. I can already imagine the conversations: ‘This pavlova is all white noise and not enough ting, have you got a triangle?’,” expressed Langabeer who can’t wait to be part of the experience. She’s also thrilled to be playing through an exquisite Tub’s Audio soundsystem.

Langabeer is an award-winning composer, pianist, and band leader from Aotearoa New Zealand, praised by the New York Times for her surrealism and time-bending abilities. With an output as eclectic as composing for string quartet, to ballet music, to free improvisation, to Balkan brass band and much more, she makes music with a wonderfully honest voice.

“I have always considered the food experience to be multi-sensory. The look, texture and smell of food are just as important as the taste of it. Incorporating sound poses a fascinating challenge,” said Tarlis who is equally delighted to be part of the event.

Tarlis was Head Chef at well-loved Wellington restaurant La Boca Loca, and adores fusing epicurean cultures. With a gastronomic background spanning Malaysian, Mexican and French cuisine, her wealth of experience and culinary curiosity promises unique tastes.

For more info and ticket bookings visit, thesensonauts.com