REVIEW | First Look at Pokémon Violet

As an avid Pokémon fan, I was credibly excited for the first real open world Pokémon game. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the first complete open world game.

With two of the three main quest lines (gyms and titans) having set levels it creates a certain linear path to your progress. The new game mechanics like a picnic that impacts spawn rates, and additions to the Pokédex that will leave you amazed and perplexed. New evolutions to old loved Pokémon and others that needed a little more love (Dunsparce was robbed) this game manages to grip its players despite its, and there’s many, foibles.


A lot of people seem to be complaining about the graphics. I’ve enjoyed the richer environments in the previous games with sword and shield and are the most recently Legends Arceus.

Contrary to what seems to be the majority, I really enjoy where they’re going with character design. Character customisation brings the most diverse character creation that we’ve seen within a Pokémon game. Allowing the player to identify and relate to your character from the outset. However, I personally have struggled to find clothing stores to spruce up my characters style.

The graphics are a little janky with stiff environmental movements and Pokémon phasing through rocks. The loss of frame rates are also a reminder of the fact that we are on a switch. The intro is reminiscent of the classic with the professor, or in this case, Dean, throwing a poker ball and the region mascot pops out.


All of the characters seem like they’re in such a rush to get rid of items when handing them over to you you the player, the animation is it all of one second. Whoever animated the apron on the clothesline needed to put the equal amount of attention to the bushes and trees in the surroundings.

The Spanish peppered through this game, so far has brought me the perfecto amount of joy.

First three minutes in and we are introduced to a very diverse cast with lots of exciting characters to meet now. Meeting Miraidon is reminiscent of the innocence that lies in the heart of all Pokémon games.

Game Mechanics

Sneaking made it! One of my favourite mechanics in PLA (Pokémon Legends Arceus) was being a stealthy sleuth in the long grass. To see that the mechanic was brought through to this game confirms that I was not alone in that joy. This time, however, there is no combat dive roll, in its steed is a hearty skid that I’ve certainly abused. Miraidon starts out as a mere 50CC moped at the beginning. As you progress through and defeat the help Arven (a moody teen that is a lot deeper than first meetings give on) discover more Herba Mystica (HM’s) that when Miraidon consumes he get’s souped-up and becomes a must use to get about.

Group Adventures

With the surplus of fan-made games where you can join your mates Gamefreak has included multiplayer. You can now join your friends on raids, picnics, shiny hunts and more! I haven’t had much opportunity to explore this new mechanic but the prospect alone is enough to make Pokémon fans squeal with glee. Picnics are OVER POWERED and I love it! Increasing spawn rates, power, reproduction etc. This rework of camping puts a lot of value in connecting with your Pokémon! I have only done it twice since starting this game and so far I’ve two for two on finding a shiny!

Main Storyline

Unlike the previous Pokémon games, you now have the choice of completing three main quest lines.

1. Victory road, one that all Pokémon fans relish, becoming champion within the region. Driven by your bestie Nemona, who supports and encourages you along the way. The rivalry with Nemona actually makes it very alluring.

2. path of legends, where you battle titans in search of herba mystica. In this line you’re assisting Arven stand on his own accomplishments through studying these herbs. Cooking up some magical sandwiches along the way.

3. Operation starfall! Driven by Cassiopeia a mysterious person who’s hacked your Roto-phone looks to get rid of the trouble makers Team Star. I’ve only faced off against one group and I already smell something fishy is going on here.