REVIEW | Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (Spoiler-free)

This is the stupidest movie of 2021. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely not good either. It is a big old brain dead film with guns blazing. Not for the academic. Tired of work? Nothing to do in a rainy weekend? Then this rainy day film will be barely worth the $15 for its ticket.

The story follows the world’s most lethal odd couple and bodyguard Michael Bryce. Following on from the first film, the trio find themselves together again and somehow end up working on another life-threatening mission. They are all extremely annoying in the worst possible way to each other and it is painful to watch. Not only painful, but boring and predictable. Morgan Freeman waltzes into the film in a strange cameo that can be described in no other way than dumb. The whole film is a happy dumb film and it knows it. The movies budget is way bigger than it needs to be and seemingly wasted on a half-arsed unfinished plot.

Uh what else can I say… It was a very dumb trigger happy film. It delivered what was promised. The end.