REVIEW: Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga Forgets Its 2021

Winx Saga Cast

If you grew up with WINX, prepare to be disappointed… No really, Netflix really went “Riverdale was successful, we just need new characters” – and it shows. The poor person in charge of costuming is being completely roasted on Tiktok by viewers saying it was massive let down and missed opportunity. The reincarnation of WINX is not only let down by costuming, it also lacks in diverse cast. The original show’s characters were inspired by the likes of Lucy Liu and Jennifer Lopez. This cast shows almost no ethnic diversity and misses the mark completely.

Then moving onto to the storyline, it is basic to say the least. It is a cheap rip off of Shadow Hunters meets Riverdale. Boring! The key to making this series a success was the costuming. Imagine the fairy transformations! The bright colours! The potential! Please do not bother with a new season, we are begging you.

If you are going to watch it, prepare to be on your phone half the time.