REVIEW | The Kissing Booth 2

As for many teen romcoms, critics are all over about how bad it is, how cheesy it is, how it’s just not worth our time. But, you have to take into consideration, are you ever voluntarily watching a teen rom-com to see massive character developments and enticing cinematic techniques? I don’t think so. You know what you’ve signed up for.

So to all the film nerds and critics, you need to calm down. The Kissing Booth 2 was the perfect rom-com to watch with your girlfriends or by yourself. It’s funny, light-hearted, yet I found myself quietly wiping my tears away at emotional scenes – because guess what? I was actually invested in this story of a 23-year-old playing a high school jock.

Moving swiftly from talking about how high school students in films are never played by high school-aged actors and actresses, we see a pretty great performance by Joey King. She is an actor that has successfully explored all different genres in her acting career. Being type-casted for an actor or actress is one of the main areas you aim to stay away from – it is the only way to grow and gain valuable experience in your field.

King’s performance is quoted as the ‘saving grace’ of this film. Her character (as well as the rest of the cast) is under-developed, yet, King is able to draw you into her on-screen life within seconds. But, I digress, as I’ve discussed, we’re not here for the insane character developments, confusing storylines or unique film techniques, you’ve pressed play to enjoy an easy-to-watch film – The Kissing Booth 2, does this for me.

The film touches on teen romance, struggles with trust in relationships, reputations and friendships. Similar to The Kissing Booth (1), Elle and Lee’s unbreakable friendship is admirable and quite rightfully at the forefront of this film.

The exploration of friendships is incredibly prominent in this film, and it adds something different to an otherwise romance-centred film.

If you unashamedly love rom-coms, The Kissing Booth 2 will be right up your alley.