REVIEW | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As someone who’s spent 80 hours on Tears of the Kingdom, I can affirm that the lore thickens impressively in this latest outing. The game delves into the complex history of Hyrule, featuring the Demon King and battles of yore. This isn’t just fan service; it’s a full-course meal for anyone deeply invested in Zelda’s rich narrative.

Visual Marvel and Gameplay Mechanics

Saying that this is the most beautiful game you’ll see on the Switch might sound hyperbolic—but it isn’t. The visuals are astounding, making landmarks from Breath of the Wild (BOTW) appear in renewed grandeur. And the mechanics? You can spend half your playtime tinkering with them, creating vehicles, attaching monster parts to your weapons, etc.

Exploration Anew: Sky to Depths

We’ve seen the surface of Hyrule before, but Tears of the Kingdom takes us to new heights and ominous lows. Revisiting BOTW landmarks from these fresh perspectives is not just nostalgic; it’s rewarding. New goodies, enemies, and untold stories are waiting to be discovered.

Enemy Roster: Old and New

The game keeps you on your toes, from good ol’ Bokoblins and Lynels to the freshly introduced Constructs and Horriblins. My personal count stands at 43 rage-inducing deaths and several yet-to-be-conquered zones marked ominously with skulls on my map. You’re not just fighting the mobs but wrestling with the game’s inherent challenge.

A Dialogue Downer

All is not perfect, though. The dialogue, particularly between characters, is a jarring reminder that this game is primarily aimed at kids. This youthful tonality clashes with the otherwise intricate narrative and richly built world, pulling you out of your immersion like an ill-timed slap to the face.

Impact on Social Life: Consider Yourself Warned

Be prepared for your social life to take a hit. Once Tears of the Kingdom sinks its claws into you, good luck pulling away. I find myself discussing hidden treasures with complete strangers, such is the allure of its expansive universe.

Unmissable But Demanding

While it has minor flaws, Tears of the Kingdom is nothing short of a masterpiece that sets a new bar for what the Nintendo Switch—and indeed any console—is capable of. Despite its demanding nature and dialogue-related stumbles, it’s an essential experience for both Zelda enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


If you’re pondering whether to dive into this digital odyssey, I’ve got only one piece of advice: run, don’t walk, to get your hands on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This is the kind of game that’s worth losing yourself—and perhaps your weekend plans—in.