Set Your Alarm, a New Zealand Exclusive is About to Hit Our Shores

Kiwis will be the first in the world to score early bird dining deals when First Table availability rolls over at 9pm tonight.

The booking platform allows users to book the first table of the night at local restaurants to receive 50% off their food bill for dining off-peak. Until today, First Table fans would stake out to midnight to book sell-out tables for the week ahead.

However, from tonight, those hoping to score a popular table at the likes of Waiheke’s Oyster Inn, Strawberry Fare in Christchurch and Hot Sauce in Wellington can enjoy doing so at a more reasonable hour.

Kiwi comedian and superfan Darren Hill said an alarm was his secret weapon to scoring the over 60 bookings he has made on the website.

“11:57pm was the optimum alarm time – leaving one minute to wake up, one minute to find the website and one minute to refresh the availability for the week ahead,” said Darren.

The change allows First Table to offer an exclusive to its homeland, New Zealand, where it was founded in 2014 before the new time rolls out globally.

For the full list of First Table restaurants across New Zealand go to