Vegans, Flexitarians, Everyone, This Is The Burger For You

Stuck for food options for meatless mondays? The popular Kiwi burger chain, Burger Wisconsin, has teamed up with The Alternative Meat Co. to deliver a limited-edition plant-based sanger sandwich just in time for summer.

Kiwis will get to taste this delicious sausage sandwich, offered across all 25 Burger Wisconsin stores nationwide. The Alternative Meat Co. Sanger Sandwich is a towering masterpiece, featuring a meat-free, ‘beefy’ tasting vegan sausage inside a ciabatta bun and piled high with vegan mayo, avocado, caramelised onion, hot mustard, and salad.

Whether you classify yourself as a vegan, a loyal meat-eater, or a flexitarian, this is the ultimate burger that is good for you and good for the planet. The rise of flexitarians in New Zealand has seen the demand for plant-based meat and dairy products skyrocket, with both The Alternative Meat Co. and Burger Wisconsin adding more delicious meat-free options for Kiwi’s to try.

Burger Wisconsin’s Alternative Meat Co. Sanger Sandwich offers Kiwis a unique and delicious meat-free option as they increasingly opt to cut-down their meat intake. The Alternative Meat Co. sausage is 100 percent plant-based and packed with protein and fibre. It is non-GMO and palm oil-free.

The Alternative Meat Co. will also be running giveaways across their social channels for fans to score themselves a free sanger sandwich throughout the month of November.

Grab your mates, head to a Burger Wisconsin store, and make your next outing a meat-free Monday or a Flexi Friday with The Alternative Meat Co. Sanger Sandwich.