django unchained still - christoph waltz and jamie foxx walking down a wild west street

SKY TV has released its November line-up for SKY MOVIES and SKY RIALTO, including plenty of new releases and premieres on New Zealand television.

Films arriving in time for school’s summer holidays include:

Pitch Perfect 3 – The Barden Bellas have moved on into the working world, but miss their acapella days. When the chance arises to take part in a USO tour, the group comes back together to make music – and mistakes – one more time.

X-Men: First Classthe origins of Professor X and Magneto’s relationship is covered in this film, the first of the X-Men prequels. Set in 1962, Magneto and Professor X navigate their dark pasts, secrets, and a budding nuclear war to find out what they want from the world – and from each other.

It’s a Wonderful Life – this 1950s classic arrives in time to get the whole family excited for Christmas. George Bailey feels his life isn’t what he wanted it to be. An angel comes down to show him what life would be like for his friends and family if he’d never been born – a touching reminder of the effect we all have on the world.

There are plenty of premieres for older viewers too, with new releases like the following hitting the screen:

The 15:17 to Paris – Clint Eastwood takes biopics to the next level with his true-story film about a thwarted 2015 terrorist attack. The thee friends who saved the lives of more than 500 passengers on the 9364 train for Paris are cast as themselves in this blockbuster – unmissable.

The Death of Stalin – this ensemble black comedy from Armando Ianucci, the writer/director behind The Thick of It, showcases the scrambling power grabs of Stalin’s cabinet in the days following his death. Starring Jason Isaacs as the terrifying military leader Georgy Zhukov, Steve Buscemi as Nikita Kruschev, and Homeland’s Rupert Friend is perfectly cast as Stalin’s drunk son Vasily.

Black Panther – one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most hotly-anticipated films was the studio’s most successful on its release. SKY Movies viewers can see the nation of Wakanda and all its hidden glory in high quality this November. Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Chadwick Boseman, and Michael B. Jordan.

Alongside the newer releases on the November line up are some old favourites and classics: Married to the Mob, The Accidental Tourist, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels are highlights, alongside others to excite young and old viewers alike.

In addition to the latest and greatest in cinema, SKY TV also has live-to-air entertainment, including the annual E! People’s Choice Awards.

On November 12th, the E! People’s Choice Awards will air on E!. Winners are voted on by the people – including Kiwis! You can vote for winners in more than 40 categories spanning movies, TV, music, and general pop culture. The finalists have already been whittled down to five in each category, so don’t leave voting until your favourite is gone! Was the best comedy film of 2018 Love, Simon or Crazy Rich Asians? Is the female artist of the year Taylor Swift or Cardi B? You can have your say until October 19th.