Spice Up Your Nightstand With Tissue Box Covers

Imagine a sophisticated bedside table with a modern bedside lamp, a techy Google Home and a deliciously scented diffuser accompanying you when you lay in bed. Why ruin the scene with a plain three-dollar tissue box from the supermarket?

Luckily there are tissue box covers that will easily solve this problem. We’ve picked some of our favourite tissue box covers that won’t ruin your bedroom aesthetic, all available right here in New Zealand.

Ombre Tissue Box

The Ombre tissue box from Mike + Ally is made to elevate any room. The elegant design is available in different colours to suit your home style.

Casa Tissue Box Cover

Make your bedroom extra homey with Umbra’s Casa tissue box cover in white. We love how the tissue looks like smoke coming out of the chimney.

Oku Tissue Box

The small Oku Tissue Box from Città brings a minimal, modern look and feel to any room.

Tissue Box Cover Animals White

Creative Stuff has a wide range of different tissue box designs like this to choose from so you can easily find the perfect one that suits your style.

Zodiac Tissue Box

Made with crystal and hand-cut by Italian artisans, if fancy is your taste, the elegant Zodiac Tissue Box from Harrods is what you need.

Riviere Tissue Box

The Riviere tissue box from Harrods is a perfect example of a statement piece. The quilted leather material is an elegant iteration of the practical piece.